Aged Care Support

Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACFs) are supported when partnered with My Emergency Doctor. Our comprehensive and inclusive online medical solution comes equipped with training and user guides that will get RACFs up and running quickly.

Offering a streamlined patient management process via our online telehealth service, healthcare support staff and GPs can access on-demand support from qualified senior emergency specialist doctors (FACEMs). This ultimately minimises unplanned after-hours visits, provides timely access to a second opinion and expert medical support and can reduce patient anxiety around treatment and potential transfers.

Using the My Emergency Doctor service is done by ringing the hotline or via the My Emergency Dr app which is intuitively designed for ease of use when emergency care is required. For more information on how it works please see our Aged Care Facilities information page.


When you embed the My Emergency Doctor service with your Aged Care Facility we provide a customised training and onboarding plan for your organisation to ensure our service is understood and supported.  

Training is pre-arranged at the start of a service contract and tailored to suit your organisation's individual requirements. Additional training can also be arranged on request. If you’re from an RACF that is already using My Emergency Doctor please contact your practice manager or head office to enquire about how to use the service or access additional training.

Downloadable support resources for Residential Aged Care Facilities using My Emergency Doctor

FAQs for Healthcare Institutions

We have answers for questions that are frequently asked by clinicians working in healthcare settings.

FAQs for Healthcare Institutions

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