Our Story

My Emergency Doctor was founded by Sydney-based emergency physician, Dr Justin Bowra (MBBS FACEM CCPU). Driven by his first-hand experience as a Senior Emergency Specialist in a busy emergency department, Dr Bowra wanted to create a service which would support healthcare institutions and in turn, provide all Australians access to senior specialist emergency doctors, no matter the time of day or where they lived.

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What we do

  • Leaders in Emergency Telemedicine

    Telemedicine provides a connection between healthcare services and end users through phone and video calls. Through telemedicine, anyone can easily access online medical consultations using their phone, tablet or computer.

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  • How we support you

    We provide medical institutions, health services and patients on-demand access to expert emergency doctors via phone and video calls. Our dedicated hotline and easy-to-use app allows you to access online medical consultations in real-time, regardless of your location in Australia.

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Transforming how emergency medical care is delivered across Australia

  • Access to Australia’s top medical emergency professionals


    It’s now possible to quickly and easily access Australia’s leading and most senior specialist emergency doctors (also known as FACEMs), regardless of where and when you need help.

  • Emergency medical support is now on-demand


    No appointment necessary. With our 24/7 telephone or video call service, everyone can now access a senior emergency physician at any time, any day of the year, no matter where they are in Australia. 

  • Servicing Australian healthcare since 2016


    We have honed our technology, staffing, processes, systems and clinical governance model allowing our Australian-qualified  senior emergency physicians to  demonstrate value adding outcomes to health institutions, businesses and the Australian community daily. 

Meet our team

My Emergency Doctor is led by a board of Directors and staffed by leading emergency medicine doctors (FACEMs). Our specialist physicians are located across Australia and throughout the world. They have delivered over 60,000 consultations to Australians in need of specialist emergency care.

Meet our team

Join the team that’s transforming emergency care

There’s something special about knowing you are making a difference. We are always on the lookout for more senior emergency medicine professionals (FACEMs) and support team members who can help us continue to transform how emergency medicine is delivered in Australia.

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